Ethics Statement

Personalized College Choice will provide college counseling services personally designed in the best interests of the student. Students and families will be counseled to the best ability of the independent educational consultant. A thorough assessment of the student and family needs will be completed prior to accepting the family as clients. If the consultant feels that the needs of the student are outside of the level of expertise of the consultant, the student will be referred to a consultant with the appropriate level of expertise.

A student and family can expect to be treated professionally, and in a manner that will develop trust and mutual respect among all parties. The family can expect that the consultant will work on behalf of the student and family in all situations. The consultant will adhere to strict confidentiality in regard to the college planning details about the student and family. No outside contacts will be made on behalf of the student without permission from the student or family. Personalized College Choice does not accept remuneration from any colleges or other related services.

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