Consulting Packages

All Personalized College Choice Packages are tailored to the needs of the student and   family. The number of family and student meetings will be determined according to the specific needs of the student and family, unless otherwise specified.

Comprehensive Package
Includes Individual Meetings, Email Access, Student Binder and Online Organizational System

Services Offered:
– Student and parent introductory interview
– Overview of the college application process
– Review of student’s educational history, including all relevant high school documents
– Work with student to determine major and career choices
– Develop a Personal Student Plan for college search and application, including determining whether to take the SAT or ACT Tests.
– Help student set personal, academic and extra-curricular goals for the upcoming academic year(s)
– Work with the family to develop a best fit college list that accommodates student needs and interests and the family’s financial budget
– Prepare student and parents for college visits by use of evaluation tool
– Refine and revise college list after family visits
– Assist withFAFSA and CSS Profile financial aid applications
– Assist with college application
– Assist with scholarship search and applications
– Essay review
– Activities Resume writing assistance
– Mock interview practice
– Additional special circumstance assistance, such as for student athletes, performing arts, visual and performing arts, learning disabilities, etc.
– Train student in the use of an online organizational system, where all college application processes and test deadlines can be organized, and reminders sent to the family
-Review award letters with family using a financial aid comparison spreadsheet

Time Block Package
Includes: One 90 Minute Session and One 60 Minute Session and email access

The student chooses the topics as needed. This package is designed for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior High School Students. For example, a high school student may only require assistance in major/career exploration, developing a college list, or essay review. This package is also designed for Community College Transfer Students who need assistance with planning the transition to a four year college. More than one time block package may be purchased as needed.

Freshman Year Counts!
Includes: One 90 Minute Session

This package is designed for 7th and 8th grade students and their families to help them start planning for college before they begin their high school experience. The main purpose of the session is to ensure that the student is taking the correct courses required for college admissions. Additionally, we will initiate discussion about possible college majors and careers. We will also evaluate extra-curricular activities and how they affect college admissions.


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